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Build meaningful local connections like never before.

Applications for our private social membership club open in August 2024.

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PS: Not a dating app.

Find our more in our mission.

Our Mission

We believe that  personal relationships  and  shared experiences  are the  most valuable  assets we possess.


And yet, in today’s world, despite being surrounded by countless people,  genuine connections  are rare.

Every day, millions of people who share  similar interests , work in  related fields , or attend the  same events , remain strangers because they  don’t get to know  one another.


Our mission is to  build this missing LYNQ .


With LYNQ, we’re  enabling you  to  discover  interesting people nearby,  foster  connections,  share  experiences and  create  new memories together.  Join us  in transforming mere encounters into  meaningful connections .


Join the #1 app to build
meaningful local connections.*

* Marvelous indidivuals only

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